Saturday, February 14, 2009

ok so i have a small obseesion with soap operas, geesh

I blame my unhealthy soap opera addictions on my sixth grade year of school. I was "sick" for most of the year missing about 47 days. impressive i know, and i still aced my calsses. i am such a loser.

anyway it all started predictably with bianca montgomery on all my childern. She was sweet, pretty and the kinda girl you just want to protect. Now i of course was a huge BAM fan(bianca and maggie). The chemistry between the two was palpable and the writers drove me crazy with the possibility and ultimate demise of this rarely seen super couple.

With the soon to be over storyline of Bianca and Reese, her new wife, i have turned to other shows to fill the void. Fall was spent catching up on Paula and Franzi and realizing that after five years of german i am still not fluant. Then i moved on to Pepa and Silvia, i dont speak spanish so i always have to find the translated clips. And most recently have become an Otalia fan.

I was scketpical at first of watching Guiding Lights' Olivia and Natalia dance around lesbianism, because lets face it tv is a ficail friend. But after spending the past few days watching how their story unfolded i have to say they may give BAM a run for their money. Olivia's attack first ask questions later survival instinct may get her in trouble and hurts taht new heart of hers, but she with natalia around she seems to mean well. Natalia seems to be gaining some more power in the friendship, which i think is good for both of them. Now i know they rn't officailly a couple, and they may never become one, but the "my two mommies" storyline, and the well developed relationship between the two will be more than enough for some well manipulated fan vids.

i think whats so improtant about this particular portale of lesbians, is that its about two people trying to simply get by in the world. If emma had never written about her "two mommies" it may have taken years for them to realize there is something stronger then friendship between them(wow that sounds so cheesy). They act like every other couple with their little arguements, and misunderstandings, the way they always have a shoulder to cry on, and i hand to hold. Its so normal and natural to them they need a kid to point out that maybe theres a reason.

now just be gald i didn't go into my rant about television lesbians and their obession with babies, yeah lots of us want children, but lots of us dont, we aren't that two dimensional. im stoping, im stoping, i promise.

i dont think anyone is reading this, but if you happen upon it heres a link to an otalia fansite:

also if your a youtube addict like myslef, this should get you caught up :

my adivce for the day: don't poke the bear

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Car Testicles....why?

have you ever seen those testicles that people hang of the pack of cars. By people I think I mean only men but I could be wrong.

anyway, i guess i just dont understand why. we all know that men can be very insecure about their dicks, and since i'm not a man i dont pretend to truely grasp this concept, but i assume its similar to wanting bigger breasts or a smaller waist ect.. My point is these car testicles take the car from figurativly being a penis to a literal comparison. You would have no need to put testicles on your car if your dick was large enough, so why are you letting the whole world know that you have a small penis if your ashamed of it?

so i dont know how to put songs in yet, but i have included the lyrics to a song that i think fits this topic rather well.

Dan Reeder- My little bitty pee pee

Well yesterday i was just another white guy
but I'm a blues man today
I can hear those colored girls singing in the background
woo hoo just like in the bathtub
it's a thang thang thang thang thang thang thang thang thang thang thang
I'm a white guy
but I'm a blues man today
and just like all the rest of us
I'm a little bit ashamed
of my
my little bitty pee-pee
little bitty pee-pee
my little bitty pee-pee
i-i'm ashamed of my little bitty pee-pee
my little bitty pee-pee
my little bitty pee-pee
my little bitty pee-pee
my little bitty pee-pee
my little bitty pee-pee
my little bitty pee-pee
my little bitty pee-pee

if your into folk music i would suggest checking out more of Reeder's music, its gotta a sense of humor and soul.

that picutre isnt mine, it was the first one when i googled it, so give credit to that person.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The basics

A little too young to feel this old. I usually don't just accept things just because someone says so, but I've gotten lazy. It's time I start thinking, start feeling, it's time I speak up for myself.

This is new to me so if you start here I can only say that I will try to get better. I don't know how often I will post, but I will try to post once a week. Don't expect anything brilliant or new, i don't have a clear vision for this yet.

me: I'm a junior in college, studying to be an industrial designer, or a product designer if you prefer. I would love to be a toy designer or playground designer. No, I don't want kids, at least i can't seem them in the future at this point in my life. Besides, I'm just a kid myself. I am the youngest of three and the only girl. I'm just a lesbian trying to over process the world around her.Hope you don't mind, too much.

Okay, I'll post later this week when I get this thing figured out.